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In an age where music is increasingly driven by corporations, profit margins, and calculated marketing, I have a Different Agenda. With the album Different Agenda, I am sharing a variety of music, with the common thread of challenging the musicians to explore and inviting the listener along for the ride. Acoustic sounds blend and contrast with the electronic, melodies percolate and evolve, improvisations reach for the unknown.

Listen to the sample tracks below, and then scroll down to the store frame or head on over to CD Baby where you can hear other samples, and purchase the CD, to add to your collection of eclectic, honest, and exciting music.

Click here to listen to the track Tainted Rose - full song! (6.2 mb)

Click here to listen to the Three Minute Tour, with excerpts of all nine tracks on "Different Agenda" (3.3 mb)

Musicians! Click here to check out some lead sheets and special downloads tailored especially for your fun!

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