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In contemporary music, production often overlaps with composition and performance. My experience with these other aspects contributes to my ability to bring a special touch on the guitar for your session, or to act as a producer and help you find your sound.

I have worked with singers who presented only a bass line and vocal melody, requesting a full band sound. I have worked with others who needed to take a large dramatic production and design a performance for only a small ensemble. Other projects have been presented to me after principal recording is complete, and I have had to analyze these raw tracks for the best performances and find the combinations that make the best finished result.

I have worked in fully acoustic production, where the techniques must be as transparent as possible to capture the intimacy of the performers.

I have also been involved with intensely electronic work, where production techniques themselves become part of the performance.

Using only one, or a combination of these production styles, can yield outstanding results for your music. The goal is setting the stage for your best performance, capturing that performance, and then applying only the necessary enhancements to present the best possible sound.

Contact me and tell me what you want for your music, and learn how I can help you get there.

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