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While making my album "Different Agenda", I was able to set up mixes which left out the lead guitar, so that interested players could have some fun playing along with the tracks with their own solo.

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Here's the deal:

Buy yourself a copy of the disc at CD Baby or download it from iTunes. Check out the tunes "You Don't Say" and "Cheshire Cat". Then choose from the mp3 links below to get a special mix with no lead guitar. Load that mp3 up in your computer or practice amp, and play your own lead lines along with the backing track. If you feel ambitious, record your take on the tune, make your own mixdown, e-mail it to me, and I'll put the best ones right here on this page.

Click here to download a mix of You Don't Say with no lead guitar lines. (6.2 mb)

Click here to download a mix of Cheshire Cat with no guitar parts at all. (3.3 mb)

You're not allowed to just blast solos for the whole length of the tune!

Click here to download a lead sheet for You Don't Say.

Click here for page 1 and here for page 2 to download a lead sheet for Cheshire Cat.

Learn the tunes, play the melody, then blast a solo!

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Check back and hear who has a new take on the tunes...